Apollo- therapeutic copper unisex bracelet- made to order- you pick size


Apollo- a therapeutic copper fashion bracelet from 2ndchancemetalart.

Did you know?....

The Health Benefits of Wearing Copper:
Modern science confirms what people around the world have known for hundreds of years. Copper is an essential nutrient, playing a vital role in keeping bones, skin, brain, blood vessels and immune system strong and healthy. Copper also has anti-bacterial properties useful in slowing the spread of illnesses. Because copper can be absorbed through the skin, wearing copper jewelry has become a simple, popular way to reap the benefits of this lovely metal.

Wearing copper is a wonderful way to help arthritis pain as well as a myriad other ailments which can lessen (and in some cases eliminate) the need for other types of therapy. In fact, many in our family swear by it- singing copper's praises everywhere they go.

Here's the deal:

Size: We make these to order so you can pick your size

Tarnish: Copper tarnishes and if left to oxidize will turn green- along with your skin! Fortunately it is also very easy to maintain. Just a quick wipe with Brasso or any other copper cleaner as needed will give your piece that bright shine you desire.

These pieces make for an attractive and economical piece of jewelry that will also deliver the health benefits of wearing copper!
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