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Of all the creatures I've found roaming the seemingly endless confines of my silverware drawer, there are perhaps none as loyal as the Humble Forkupine. Knighted by Lady Paprika at the close of the third Spoon War, he now spends his days patrolling the outer rim- ever ready to step up and protect the other silverware creatures from the dreaded Count Spatula should the need arise.

Like all of our spoon art and fork art pieces, these metal forkupines deliver a perfect hand made gift solution in an affordable price range. Whether it's to say thank you to a dear friend or to give a lovely and thoughtful gift to the wife/husband...just because.

Forkupines and other 2ndchancemetalart silverware metal sculptures make a great art gift idea for just about anyone because each piece has a lot of charm and personality all to itself. Each one is made to order, by hand, in our shop just outside of Boston, Massachusetts.

Whether to be set on your desk or to sit proudly on the shelf guarding your nearby holiday silverware, our forkupines are sure to bring many fresh smiles into their owner's universe.
Our silverware is collected from various sources and so these pieces vary slightly. They are always of equal or greater quality as the one shown above.

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