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She is going away, maybe to college, maybe on vacation or perhaps on business. Parting ways for periods of time leave us slightly uneasy in today's day and age no matter how happy the occasion. Wish her a safe trip with a Protect style fork bracelet from 2ndchancemetalart. Our design entails a center heart, protected by two outstretched arms and makes for a perfect and affordable way to say fare thee well and I love you all in one.

Share with her what this piece means and she will feel a little safer on that long flight or road trip. As an added bonus, she will think of you each time she sees her new shiny piece of jewelry. Distance makes the heart grow fonder, after all- especially when she wears a piece of you.

Whether it's for your best friend, girlfriend, mom or the new girl at the office you are sending overseas to settle business- a Protect style fork bracelet will help ease any reservations she may have about her trip, while showing her just how much you care.

With travel becoming scarier and full of hassle for so many people these days- we could all use a little reassurance and encouragement before we head off to board that next flight.

Tell her that you will be eagerly awaiting her return with a Protect style fork bracelet today!

These pieces are an excellent way to say goodbye on that special first date where you "just know" your story is only beginning. Let her know you want more while offering a symbol of protection...until we meet again.

Protect is a great piece with a cool and eye catching look. Fork bracelets from 2ndchancemetalart turn heads at the party and start conversations where you least expect them.

Who knows what opportunities will arise when people start asking where you got this beautiful piece, and...hey! is that a fork!!!??

All of our fork bracelets are made from hypoallergenic stainless steel and polished to a chrome like finish.
Each piece is made to order in our New England workshop. We make our pieces so that they are easy to wear and are designed to fit most sizes. Just pinch or spread slightly to fit.

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We do custom metalwork of all types and sizes. From fork jewelry to free standing 3D sculpture, to wall art, to unique custom business signs and pretty much everything in between- commissions are welcomed and encouraged.

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