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Let's face it, office life can be a real drag sometimes. The day in, day out, rat race is enough to make you want to pull your hair out and tell your boss you're running off to join the circus!

Luckily, there's also camaraderie and laughter to help balance things out!

W.T. Frog from 2ndchancemetalart is just the thing to help put a smirk on the most stressed out of cubicle dwellers. Several spoons and forks work together to make this apathetic amphibian with outstretched arms in a classic WTF pose.

W.T. Frog says it all so you don't have to lose your composure and say it yourself!

Last minute stack of documents to review?.....WTF will mind them in your cubicle for you until later

Surprise, you're running this years office party?..... Let WTF guard your Secret Santa list. Give a whatever gift that says just that!

The new secretary just stole your promotion?.....W.T. Frog makes for an excellent passive aggressive way to say "congratulations". Better still, give it to the boss for all those great decisions they make :)

These silverware frog sculptures are a lighthearted, fun way to say what we all think from time to time under pressure. They make fantastic office gifts for almost anyone since the comical undertone is subtle yet clearly present.

Get the perfect affordable gift for your boss or office buddy with an original W.T. Frog from 2ndchancemetalart today!


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