Custom metalwork, sculpture and                                fabrication 

2nd Chance Metal Art is the brainchild of artist and metal fabricator Eric Harty. Following his lifelong love for creating unique and unusual pieces, he traded in his pen and sketchpad for a torch and welder and forged what has become an eclectic collection of work. Just as drawing was second nature to Mr. Harty, he discovered the same symbiotic relationship with welding and metal forming. Often times he locks himself in the shop for days on end -completely submerging himself in a project. At times such as these, one can count on the end result being something very special and unique. Most often his work has an organic feel to it which is clearly seen in the larger works studding his ever growing repertoire. Yet he is in no way limited to any one given style and can craft 3 dimensional geometric patterns with just as much flair and ease. He often describes his process as, "drawing with fire" and upon viewing his works, it is very evident he has mastered his technique. Beginning with recycled and re-purposed jewelry and continuing on to large, illuminated custom sculptures for clients, Mr. Harty has secured a coveted place in the art community and has developed an international following through sales and social media. Eric first discovered welding as an art form while on an altogether different quest to find a satisfactory career path. It happened while interning at a friend’s auto body shop, when welding a badly corroded muffler was the order of the day. “It was like a light switch went off in my head”, he said “I don’t want to fix cars, I want to make crazy things. I need to learn how to do this.” On that day a seed was planted and Eric threw himself into research, gathering as much information and equipment/skill as he could lay his hands on. With time and practice he soon discovered that the dying art of oxygen/acetylene welding was his true calling, though admittedly he uses other processes nearly as often. When asked what he thought the one thing about himself as a person made him so passionate about his craft, he replied “When I was a kid all the male role models in my life would tease me, saying that I was a fire bug and a pyromaniac because I would dawdle by the fire for hours at a time. The funny thing is, it turns out they were right.”Mr. Harty's attention to detail, willingness to work with clients and propensity for pushing creative boundaries leave his audience wanting more.2nd Chance Metal Art's sites may be viewed at : Instagram - @2ndchancemetalart Facebook - 2nd Chance Metal Art Etsy - 2ndChanceMetal Art

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